Arguably the most popular window style in Britain today, this style of window has received decades of investments which has led to innovations leading to enhanced security, thermal efficiency and attractive stylings. Available in either top or side hung options, this style of unit can be tailored to your exact specifications. 

Key Features



A reinforced frame enhances durability of the unit, particularly so when the window be exposed to the extreme elements. 




A range of glazing options are available for these units. All of which utilise innovative thermally efficient glass which reduce carbon emissions by keeping the heat in your home, thus lowering your outgoings each month. 




Innovative material design achieved through extensive R&D has allowed for a unit which is weather and UV resistant. Meaning that bending, warping, degrading and discoloration from the elements need not be a worry with our uPVC units. 




All of our casement units come supplied with a corrosion resistant, multi-point locking feature which has been Secured by Design. 




The modern uPVC beveled profile accommodates for a striking appearance from the unit. While our timber units can be manufactured from either pressure treated engineered softwood or naturally durable Meranti hardwood.




The range of colour options which this style comes is allows you to match the product in with the age and characteristics of your property.  Furthermore, the option to change between exterior and interior finishes  on our uPVC units allows for a unit which is unique to your exact tastes and requirements. 


uPVC Units 

Timber Units