Fully Reversible

A product which rotates 180° to allow for safe indoor cleaning, fully reversible windows provide the ideal solution for high rise buildings where access is restricted. The design of this unit utilizes an innovative pivot bearing meaning the unit does not obscure nor enter the room once rotated. 

Key Features



The 180° rotation on this product allows for easy cleaning of the exterior pane of glass, without the unit entering the room.




A range of glazing options are available for these units. All of which utilise innovative thermally efficient glass which reduce carbon emissions by keeping the heat in your home, thus lowering your outgoings each month. 




A reinforced frame enhances durability of the unit, particularly so when the window be exposed to the extreme elements. 




Our unit frames are manufactured using either an innovative Aeroframe barrier technology which enhances the products thermal efficiency even more or engineered softwood or naturally durable Meranti hardwood. 




The uPVC unit frame comes supplied in a striking deep beveled edge for maximum aesthetic benefits. These are also available in a variety of colour options.  While our timber units can be manufactured from either pressure treated engineered softwood or naturally durable Meranti hardwood making them resistant to even the harshest of the elements.




All of our fully reversible units come supplied with a corrosion resistant, multi-point locking feature which has been Secured by Design. 

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Timber Units 

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